Five reasons to engage an external team

Specialists, not generalists

The communications landscape is increasingly complex, with demands ranging from internal communications to stakeholder engagement, marketing communications, copywriting, issues and crisis management, strategy, social media, news media management and more. Our clients choose Shine because they can secure the standard of up-to-date specialist advice and input that would be difficult and costly to find in a single person or small internal team.

Experience and expertise

The Shine team has close to a century of collective experience with senior roles in journalism and news management, corporate public relations, public service communication, marketing and strategic management. We have qualifications in science, accounting, business, journalism and management with expertise dealing with tikanga Māori, police, government, regulatory bodies, councils and council agencies, advocacy groups, scientists and boards in both the public and private sectors. We bring this level of knowledge to your business for as long as you need us, short- or long-term.


We can work with you on a case-by-case or project basis as the need arises, or on monthly retainer. Either way, you can ensure your communications budget is being spent in a targeted, accountable way. You might engage our services indefinitely, for the time it takes to craft a single press release, or anywhere in between. Either way, you are free from the time, financial costs and obligations associated with recruitment, retention and care of short-term or permanent staff.

Committed service, regardless of timeframe

Our reputation depends on your results and satisfaction. Even if we work with you on a one-off event or a single project, we bring our A-game to your business. We are accustomed to getting up-to-speed quickly on a variety of complex business situations, so we can hit the ground running.

Integrated, supportive approach

If you need a full suite of communications services, we can provide it. But if your existing communications team simply needs extra support in specialist areas at peak times (for example, project support or crisis media communications), or to fill a gap during recruitment, we work alongside your own people to get the results you need. We make your business goals our own, and apply our strategic, outcome-driven processes to every client relationship.