National Children’s Day supported by the industry

Psychologist and neuroscience expert, Kathryn Berkett

A leading educational psychologist says becoming more attuned to other people’s needs is one of the many things individuals can do to help our children and their families thrive as the country celebrates National Children’s Day this Sunday, March 4.


Psychologist and neuroscience expert, Kathryn Berkett, says by becoming more engaged with the world around us, instead of reacting to it, we can all make a genuine difference.


“More often than not, we come across situations like a screaming toddler and a parent in the supermarket and walk past without engaging in it.


“What if we asked that parent if we can hold the shopping basket they are obviously struggling with or even just offered them a simple smile?


“If we did that, we can help people shift into a more positive space which could be the difference to how that parent then interacts with their child for the rest of the day.”


Celebrating its 18th year, Children’s Day is a special day set aside to celebrate how special and important our children are and what it means to put them first.


Child advocacy group Child Matters, who Ms Berkett provides training for within the Diploma of Child Protection Studies, supports her sentiments.


Child Matters chief executive, Jane Searle, says just like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, Children’s Day is about children – it’s a day where communities come alive with activities and events designed to bring families together.


“It’s fantastic to see so many activities and events taking place all over the country where children are at the centre of those celebrations,” Ms Searle says.


“As adults, we have an obligation to do everything we can to protect and nurture the children in our lives – not just on Children’s Day, but every day.


“It takes a community to raise a child and each community has to take responsibility for the wellbeing of our children.”


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