Treewalk takes visitors to new heights

Redwoods Treewalk co-founder and director Bruce Thomasen on the new viewing platform

A “must do” Rotorua visitor attraction is set to take visitors to new heights, with a unique 20-metre-high viewing platform allowing visitors a new perspective on Rotorua’s famous forest.


The Redwoods Treewalk, which includes the world’s longest tree suspended walkway, now gives visitors the opportunity to take the experience to the next level, making their way up a suspended staircase and onto a 30m2 platform.


Visitors looking for a bit more of a thrill can stand on one of two glass viewing panels, similar to Auckland’s Sky Tower, and see the forest floor about six stories below them.


Co-founder and director Bruce Thomasen says the new platform, which opens this weekend, is part of $500,000 worth of developments over the coming months and gives people even more to experience.


The new platform is suspended around one of the largest trees in the Redwoods Treewalk zone, fixed to the tree using slings to ensure it is ecologically friendly.


The new platform will be open as part of the day experience, and is included in the ticket cost.


“With bridges ranging from 6m to 12m above the ground, the Treewalk gives an amazing, elevated perspective of Rotorua’s iconic Redwood Forest. But this new platform is even higher again, 8m above the Treewalk, and adds yet another stunning dimension to the experience.”


The platform, which can hold about 30 people, features two areas of acrylic and glass see-through floor sections and an area of metal grate floor allowing visitors to view the forest floor directly below them.


“To be able to stand on the glass and look down to the forest floor and see the trees and ferns below really gives a bird’s eye perspective. The Redwood forest is the soul of the city and this is yet another way to experience it.”


The new suspended platform only took a fortnight to install, but has been in the planning and manufacturing stage for the past eight months, Mr Thomasen says.


“It is another good reason to come, and something really different for those who have already experienced Treewalk to come back again.”


The 560m long walk featuring over 23 bridges and platforms, high above the forest floor, has been a huge hit with visitors since it opened in 2015. Since January 2017, visitors have also been able to experience the night walk, which has 30 David Trubridge designed lanterns illuminating the forest


The new platform:

  • Believed to be the first treewalk in the world with a glass floor section
  • 20 metres high
  • 8 metres higher than the Treewalk bridges
  • Opportunity to stand on 80mm thick clear viewing “floor windows”.
  • At 6metres in diameter the platform is set around the biggest tree in the Treewalk zone with a 2.1m diameter.
  • Can hold 35 people
  • Access included as part of day-walk entry cost