Reassurance – we all need it

Friday 15, May 2020

One thing you’ll be used to us saying is ‘communicate, communicate, communicate.’ Coming back into a physical working space, whether … Continue reading →

Top tips for video conferencing

Wednesday 8, April 2020

Reduce Noise The secret for video conferencing (or Zui, Zoom-hui) is limiting distraction. Not yours – your colleagues! Whether that’s … Continue reading →

Getting Ready for Level 3

Tuesday 7, April 2020

At the time of writing, specifics relating to what our future Level 3 will look like are still being ironed … Continue reading →

The fast-changing face of media

Friday 3, April 2020

A month ago, an article with a heading like this one would have been talking about the decline of local … Continue reading →

When the trolls come out to play

Thursday 2, April 2020

Bias, speculation and misinformation travel faster than the speed of light – certainly a lot faster the truth. It’s not … Continue reading →

Maintaining teams during isolation

Monday 16, March 2020

One of the big developments for workplaces in the COVID-19 crisis is remote working. Whether people are forced apart through … Continue reading →

Top five communications tips for COVID-19

Monday 16, March 2020

We are being bombarded by information – at work, in the media, on social media and at every social gathering … Continue reading →

Communications Plan Template – Pandemic Planning

Saturday 14, March 2020

Putting together a communications plan can be time consuming and often puzzling, particularly if you don’t have internal capability. Obviously, … Continue reading →

Celebrating International Women’s Day

Tuesday 10, March 2020

By Meg Jones. Being a woman is complex. We no longer live in a man’s world, that was far too … Continue reading →

Coronavirus PIM session

Wednesday 26, February 2020

This week Lisa attended a PIM (public information management) session at Waikato DHB to discuss preparedness for the COVID-19 coronavirus. … Continue reading →