Community Engagement

We facilitate long-lasting and genuine relationships with stakeholders, the government, and your community.

Creating enduring and genuine relationships with stakeholders, government, Māori and your community is essential for every organisation.

Our relationships with local hapū and iwi, communities, councils, and MPs, along with national government ministers and agencies are at the heart of helping our clients make the right connections, progress partnerships, and achieve outcomes for generations to come.

The philosophy behind our community and stakeholder relations is based on authentic two-way engagement, with the principles of tikanga Māori at its heart – for both Māori and non-Māori.

This is underpinned by the core principles that support all good relationships – trust, respect, honesty, openness, and integrity – all of which take time to develop and require ongoing investment.

Our team can work with you to provide the networks, community engagement strategies, and stakeholder relationship management expertise to develop, foster, and maintain these relationships, whether it be with your customers, local residents, hapū, team, your board, or government ministers.

When it comes to Māori engagement, we partner with appropriate tikanga and cultural consultants to ensure we have the whakapapa and relevant expertise for the kaupapa and rohe involved. Having the appropriate mana and credibility is crucial to the success of Māori engagement

We can also manage everything from annual reports to investor communications and major announcements. This ensures our client’s investors and shareholders are up to date with activities, financials, and developments.

We help create connections with communities. Contact us to find out more.

“The Shine Collective team has developed and implemented an evolving communications strategy with considerable success, with a particular focus on internal staff engagement, brand awareness, sustainability, and issues management. They have successfully navigated our way through challenging business and communications issues, without any impact on our day to day operations or reputation.”

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