Te Reo Māori & Cultural Advisory Services

We understand that the Māori narrative is a powerful one. We understand that Māori communication and engagement does not fit into a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Communication with Māori is becoming increasingly important as businesses and organisations, both Māori and tauiwi (non-Māori), across Aotearoa recognise the need for authentic engagement with tangata whenua and Iwi stakeholders.

While it’s important to communicate and engage effectively with Māori audiences, kaimahi and stakeholders, there’s also a growing need to incorporate Te Ao Māori worldviews and tikanga into everyday workplace practices.

The ability to communicate effectively with Māori is essential whether your organisation is designing and implementing a new policy, consulting with Iwi in relation to a taiao (natural environment/resource) project or developing key messages for this important audience.

Through embedding Te Ao Māori worldviews, we support organisations to communicate and engage appropriately, effectively, and confidently with Māori communities. We can help to generate trust and connection with your organisation and your brand through powerful storytelling.

Here at Shine, we’re proud and privileged to be able to support organisations who are on this journey. Whether it’s identifying appropriate whakataukī, te reo Māori translations, assisting with iwi engagement or helping you incorporate Te Ao Māori worldviews into your workplace, we’re here to help.