Corporate & Sustainability

Our team of skilled storytellers will help you navigate change and share your organisation’s sustainability successes.

Corporate Communications

An external public relations campaign is only as good as its internal engagement; we believe that building trust with your employees is critical to business success.

Making sure your team, stakeholders, investors, and executive team understand and become advocates for your company’s vision is imperative. We tailor our corporate communications strategies to fit your specific needs – whether that is keeping your team informed on a day-to-day basis, engaging them about change, or ensuring they are kept informed during a crisis.

Change Management

Appropriate and careful communication is key to managing the change process, ensuring your teams are kept well informed and feel empowered to contribute to the change processes.

Using change management best practices, we develop tailored change management communication programmes to manage the process from start to finish with empathy and respect towards everyone involved. We also have a sound knowledge of the appropriate legislation so that you can get on with the doing.

Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important factor in our everyday lives, and even more so in the business environment.

As proud members of the Sustainable Business Network, our skilled team understands the challenges facing businesses as they keep pace with the changing world and meeting their sustainable development goals. We help our clients to build trust by defining, shaping, and sharing their corporate social responsibility goals and programmes.

Our skilled storytellers will help to share your sustainability stories, articulating the good you’re doing for the environment, your communities, and your business.

Contact us to discuss corporate communications and sustainability.

“We’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with Shine on a diverse range of projects, encompassing in-depth research and crafting profile pieces, to managing media relations for the much-anticipated restart of the New Zealand cruise season in 2022. Shine also facilitated a highly beneficial media training session for our senior leadership team, demonstrating their comprehensive understanding of the media landscape. Their knack for devising innovative strategies to highlight the best aspects of our organisation is a testament to their unique approach and expertise in the field. We recommend their work without any reservations.”

Loretta Crawford, Head of Destination Marketing, Tourism Bay of Plenty