Did you see this piece in the Guardian last month, written by a robot?

We all got a bit of a fright when we found out robots could write articles and were wondering where that leaves us, as wordsmiths by trade.

Thankfully, it’s a hard piece of text to work through. Full of a lot of what we would call ‘redundant words and sentences’. If it was to land on our desk as a draft, it would be covered in Jacky’s pink-penned crosses and edits. [Note from JJ: I’m not that bad!]

A lot of what we do as content creators is distil words down until they are as potent as possible – meaning they grab the reader and leave an impression. It seems robots will still need our expertise to help with that.

And robots of 2020 haven’t quite mastered the art of humour and nuance, so we do hope that also gives us a bit of an edge.