Presentation coming up? Here are 3 tips for keeping your audience engaged

Tip One: Get them engaged, physically 💃

The mind will follow the body. So, encouraging your audience to do something that creates physical engagement is essential. Whether that’s raising their hands, turning to someone nearby and introducing themselves, or if your presentation is online – clicking on the screen or a virtual hand raise.

Any of these options instantly transform your audience into participants, not just observers.

Tip Two: Get them engaged, mentally 🧠

We’ve all been there… zoning out in the middle of someone’s presentation. The best way to keep your audience engaged mentally is to ask questions – whether it’s rhetorical or you’re expecting an answer, it’ll encourage everyone to think and consider the topic.

Tip Three: Use inclusive and personal language

Perking up when we hear our own name or the word ‘you’ is instinctive, so if you know people in the audience, mention their name and use phrases such as “You may know..” or “You may be wondering…” or “After today, you’ll know…”.  This draws people in and makes them feel like they’re being spoken to directly.

Now get out there and smash your next presentation with oodles of engagement!