Reducing Waste – One Truck Mudguard At A Time

Transport industry leaders Rhino Group and TWL have teamed up to launch a new initiative to help reduce heavy transport emissions and limit waste going to landfill.

The pilot scheme, launched in Tauranga, aims to recycle Rhino plastic truck and trailer mudguards and provide a centralised drop-off point to streamline the collection process. If successful, this scheme will be rolled out across the country.

This latest development follows the launch of Rhino’s innovative recycled mudguards in 2021.

“This is the next logical step with our recycled mudguards,” Rhino Group General Manager, Will Samuel, says.

“If we can set up centralised drop-off points throughout the country, we’ll be able to recycle more used guards and reduce waste previously going to landfill.

Mr Samuel says Rhino wants to make circular products a way of life.

“We understand the pressure trucking companies are facing to reduce emissions and want to support more sustainable solutions for the heavy transport industry.”

With 20 branches throughout New Zealand, TWL National Sales Manager – Commercial Aftersales, Mike Brears, says the company is excited about its leadership in the pilot programme.

“TWL is pleased to be on this journey with Rhino. Recycling mudguards and mudflaps is a great way to reduce waste. We’re excited to do our bit, in partnership with Rhino, to make the process easier for everyone involved.”

Rhino has seen a strong uptake from large transport companies since the launch of its recycled mudguards in 2021. New Zealand’s largest heavy vehicle rental and lease company, TR Group, is now switching to the use of solely recycled mudguards on its fleet.

“The increase in volume of guards being recycled has been steadily growing, and our recyclers have recently invested in more equipment to ensure they can keep up with demand. Statistics on recycling returns will be available for companies who have environment or sustainable reporting,” Mr Samuel says.

The Tauranga collection point will be at TWL’s depot at 86 Hewletts Road, Mount Maunganui. For more information about guard recycling eligibility and to apply online, please visit the Rhino website.