Thought Leadership – what, why and how?

You may have seen various ‘thought leadership’ posts pop up on your LinkedIn, but why are they an important part of the marcoms mix? And how does one become a ‘thought leader?’

You wouldn’t be the first person to ask these questions, so we thought we  would share a rundown on what thought leadership is in the communications context, and how it can be utilised to build brand awareness (personal and/or business) and drive meaningful conversations.

So, first of all, what is thought leadership?

A thought leader is an expert in their field, often both for their in-depth knowledge and setting the trends in their industry.

Thought leadership presents a valuable opportunity for business leaders to demonstrate their expertise. By leveraging their knowledge and industry insights, thought leaders can spark and shape conversations, attract media attention, create meaningful connections and position themselves as a trusted leader.

How can thought leadership help build brand awareness?

  1. It improves visibility: establishing yourself as a thought leader helps raise awareness for what you do and what you’re passionate about. Plus, by showcasing a unique perspective, you position yourself as a leader and trendsetter, rather than a follower.
  2. It can give credibility: by delving into topics related to the field you work in, you can demonstrate the value your knowledge adds to the industry. It shows that you understand what you’re talking about and contributes to your reputation as someone with valid insights and opinions.
  3. It can help increase media coverage: Journalists often seek experts who can provide informed opinions or thought-provoking ideas. By positioning yourself as a thought leader, you increase your chances of gaining media coverage.

Harnessing thought leadership to build your brand and create an authentic online presence is essential for a leader in today’s fast-paced world. While it improves your visibility and gives credibility to the work you do, it also opens you up to more opportunities to drive the growth of your business.

At Shine, we write thought leadership articles on behalf of our clients on a myriad of subjects, everything from ESG initiatives and sector-specific pieces, through to boardroom learnings and cultural competency.

If you need support or advice on building thought leadership, our friendly team would be happy to help!