Make the most of your social media posts

Every few days you may find yourself thinking ‘it can’t be time for another social media post… can it?’

Now a fundamental of any organisation, social media can be overwhelming, time-consuming and cause heart palpitations for those of us who aren’t digital natives.

The world of social media moves fast. If you managed to catch onto the latest Tik Tok trend, then you’ve probably already missed it.

It’s so fast, in fact, there is already more to add from our last blog post with social media tips.

👉 Read it here – To social, or not to social?

But it’s not all doom and gloom. If your organisation doesn’t have a social media specialist, we can support you with a low-stress plan (or take care of it for you).

Some of our top tips:

  • Post short, snippy videos (which you can whip together on your phone) as they usually get more engagement and tend to stick around for longer
  • Share news stories and other content from your partners and clients (don’t forget to tag them) but add your own commentary in the text — this keeps you on top of what’s happening in your industry and gives you some extra content
  • Social media moves fast so don’t be afraid to give something a go — if it doesn’t work out, chances are it’ll be forgotten tomorrow
  • We love an emoji, so don’t be shy if the content lends itself to it — but mind your eggplants and peaches 😱
  • Use a dictionary, spell checker, or get somebody to proofread your post if you can — have you heard about the amphibious* baseball pitcher who uses both arms?
  • Use related #hashtags to help promote what you’re sharing and engage with more people (LinkedIn ✔️ Instagram ✔️ Facebook… not so much)

As always, we love helping organisations become more social on social — get in touch with us to see how we can help.

*We’re pretty sure the headline writer meant to use the word ambidextrous.