Rebecca Roling’s return

After a two-year OE turned into four, ‘our’ Becks is finally back in the motherland and has re-joined the Shine team again while Stacey and Julie enjoy their time at home with their wee ones – and before Becks embarks on her next big adventure.

Her working travels started in London in 2017, where she jumped head-first into the world of corporate comms. Realising she had done her time in the giant machine that is London, it was time to get back to nature and try her hand at something different. As her two-year visa came to an end in 2019, a last-minute decision saw her become a Swedish resident.

She then moved to Swedish Lapland and a tiny village of 10 residents and 30 dogs. Here, Becks volunteered for the winter as a dog handler at a husky sledding lodge. Short and cold winter days were spent feeding and harnessing dogs before standing behind a sled, travelling through unbelievably pure, wild landscapes.

Coming back, she’s excited to be in a community of so many people she knows and cares for. And she can’t wait to catch up with clients to see how things have evolved. But it’s just a short working stint for now, Becks and German partner Max will be back on the road in December, walking the 3,000km Te Araroa trail, from Cape Reinga to Bluff.