The role communications plays in recruitment

In today’s tough recruitment market, businesses are struggling to find and retain staff. Globally described as ‘the great resignation,’ businesses are seeing record numbers of people leaving their jobs due to the pandemic.

While it’s a challenging environment to be in, it offers a great opportunity for businesses to look at what sets them apart from other employers and consider what they could offer to attract and retain talent.

This is where targeted communication can play a role by helping build a great employee brand.

According to a 2022 LinkedIn report on employer brand, 40 per cent of workers surveyed placed company culture as a top-three priority when looking for a new job. A strong brand impacts whether qualified candidates decide to join your team – or accept a competitor’s offer instead.

People look for businesses with a purpose that aligns with their personal values, so knowing and effectively communicating your business values will help attract potential employees who align with them.

There are several small changes a business can make to communicate its brand and become the preferred workplace for talented employees.

Using social media channels to share consistent and positive messages about the business, its people, and its values help to strengthen brand and engagement. LinkedIn and Facebook are great places to connect with potential employees and showcase the great work culture.

Through these social media channels, organisations can share spotlights on employees, job openings, company initiatives, and any activities that highlight a positive team culture.

It is also important to communicate internally with staff. Engaging them with internal emails is a great way to keep the team updated and ensure they feel included and valued.

Not only will this help retain employees, they will also act as ambassadors, spreading the word and sharing the benefits of working at your organisation.