Five reasons to engage an external team

Monday 5, August 2019

Specialists, not generalists The communications landscape is increasingly complex, with demands ranging from internal communications to stakeholder engagement, marketing communications, … Continue reading →

It’s time to stand up and clean up

Friday 26, July 2019

Our senior consultant Meg has earnt the title of CEO (Chief Environmental Officer) in the office for her personal war … Continue reading →

Book critic Lisa Glass

Tuesday 23, July 2019

Lisa has a background in broadcasting and maintains links with the industry- including regular stints as a current affairs panellist … Continue reading →

🤩World Emoji Day – Wednesday 17 July

Wednesday 17, July 2019

Its World Emoji Day! (There seems to be a day for everything!) Here’s some top tips when using emoji’s 🤓 … Continue reading →

In the age of AI, why people count more than ever

Friday 12, July 2019

Written by Lisa Glass. I recently listened to a podcast about information overload: the modern affliction where you feel like … Continue reading →

Six Common Myths about PR debunked

Wednesday 19, June 2019

Myth 1: PR is ‘spin’ In cricket, a skilled bowler puts spin on the ball to put it off its … Continue reading →

Book critic Lisa Glass

Friday 14, June 2019

Book critic Lisa Glass delved into three Australian novels for her latest book review with Jesse Mulligan RNZ Afternoons 🤓 She says they … Continue reading →

When a small business has a big crisis

Wednesday 29, May 2019

Large corporates sometimes seem to have communications plans for Africa. They have plans for product launches, community initiatives, capital raising, … Continue reading →

Book critic Lisa Glass

Tuesday 21, May 2019

Our very own Lisa Glass delves into the ‘time-travel’ theme for her recent book review with Jesse Mulligan RNZ Afternoons. Thought provoking and … Continue reading →

The Shine Collective ‘gets’ the regional business story

Thursday 9, May 2019

From the spare bedroom of her home, looking after one part-time contract, Jacky James could never have imagined her communications … Continue reading →