Communications Plan Template – Pandemic Planning

Saturday 14, March 2020

Putting together a communications plan can be time consuming and often puzzling, particularly if you don’t have internal capability. Obviously, … Continue reading →

Celebrating International Women’s Day

Tuesday 10, March 2020

By Meg Jones. Being a woman is complex. We no longer live in a man’s world, that was far too … Continue reading →

Coronavirus PIM session

Wednesday 26, February 2020

This week Lisa attended a PIM (public information management) session at Waikato DHB to discuss preparedness for the COVID-19 coronavirus. … Continue reading →

FAQ – The Public Relations Edition

Wednesday 19, February 2020

If you’re an account, builder or photographer everybody knows what you do. Yet very few people can explain the role … Continue reading →

Lisa Glass discovers WWII secrets

Wednesday 29, January 2020

Here it is folks – Lisa’s latest book review on RNZ (Radio New Zealand’s) – Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan. This … Continue reading →

Guide to easing back into work in 2020

Monday 13, January 2020

The sound of that first alarm jars you awake. We’ve all been there – the stages of grief set in … Continue reading →

The Grind that Stole Christmas

Wednesday 18, December 2019

In this hyperconnected work world, it’s unrealistic to assume that you’ll be able to fully disconnect during the holiday season. … Continue reading →

What’s the Difference Between News, Social and Web Media?

Thursday 12, December 2019

By communications intern, Lani Wreaks When it comes to Public Relations the term ‘media’ covers a lot of territory. It … Continue reading →

The other side of ‘storytelling’

Tuesday 19, November 2019

If you have spent any time with PR or communications professionals in the last few years, you’ll have heard them … Continue reading →

Shine in the media

Friday 15, November 2019

It’s been a busy media week for us at The Shine Collective- but instead of our clients it’s been our … Continue reading →