The not so glamorous side of social media influencers

Wednesday 15, July 2020

In a first of its kind decision, the Advertising Standards Authority have upheld four complaints against New Zealand social media … Continue reading →

The Bay is open for business!

Wednesday 15, July 2020

With the school holidays in full swing, we’re excited to see the Bay back in action welcoming kiwis again. And … Continue reading →

How to build trust with your audience

Wednesday 15, July 2020

Our last newsletter featured a ‘buzzwords’ blog and the word authentic was picked apart for its ironic manufactured term to mean genuine.  The … Continue reading →

What happened to the inverted pyramid?

Tuesday 14, July 2020

Many people will recognise the inverted pyramid style of story construction, even if they don’t know the name.  The inverted … Continue reading →

Genuine care behind the buzzwords

Friday 12, June 2020

There are several words we’ve been hearing a lot lately: ‘authentic’, ‘sustainable’ and ‘pivot’, but they’ve each taken on a … Continue reading →

How COVID-19 is changing crisis planning

Friday 12, June 2020

While there is much speculation about the long-term effects of COVID-19 on our economy, lives and careers, we know it … Continue reading →

Five ways I’ve been winning working from home with children

Friday 15, May 2020

By Lisa Glass Standards have fallen, waistlines have expanded and definitions of acceptable TV shows for young viewers have been … Continue reading →

Reassurance – we all need it

Friday 15, May 2020

One thing you’ll be used to us saying is ‘communicate, communicate, communicate.’ Coming back into a physical working space, whether … Continue reading →

Top tips for video conferencing

Wednesday 8, April 2020

Reduce Noise The secret for video conferencing (or Zui, Zoom-hui) is limiting distraction. Not yours – your colleagues! Whether that’s … Continue reading →

Getting Ready for Level 3

Tuesday 7, April 2020

At the time of writing, specifics relating to what our future Level 3 will look like are still being ironed … Continue reading →